• Klaren International

    Klaren International

    Designs self-cleaning heat exchangers
  • Klaren International

    Klaren International

    Enhances production by in-line cleaning
  • Klaren International

    Klaren International

    Can handle most types of fouling liquids
  • Klaren International

    Klaren International

    Reduces need for oversizing and redundancy

Klaren International develops self-cleaning heat exchangers for operation up to zero-fouling. In the self-cleaning heat exchangers a fluidized bed of solid particles is used at the tube side where the fouling liquid flows through. The solid particles create a scouring effect on the tube wall surface which removes the developing fouling layer. In this way severe fouling of shell and tube heat exchangers is prevented. Either new or revamped heat exchanger solutions with a self-cleaning configuration can be realized in many types of industries.

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Latest News

Fluidized bed technology for carbon capture process

Klaren International has worked together with Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) to experimentally test the use of the fluidized bed heat exchanger technology as a part of SES’ innovative Cryogenic Carbon Capture process…

Fouling Conference 2017, Madrid

In the week of June 12th to June 16th the 2017 Fouling Conference was held in Madrid…

Klaren International and Bronswerk Heat Transfer sign Cooperation Agreement

Klaren International and Bronswerk Heat Transfer, both based in the Netherlands, have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at selling, designing and worldwide delivery of heat exchangers based on the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology of Klaren International…

Why self-cleaning heat exchangers?

Better energy performanceBetter energy performance

Better energy performance

Because tubes remain clean and the heat transfer is constant.

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Enhanced productivityEnhanced productivity

Enhanced productivity

Because equipment does not have to be taken out of production for cleaning, capacity remains constant, and in some cases the production yield can be increased.

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Because chemicals are not required as online additives or needed for cleaning purposes and there are no hazardous waste streams from cleaning.

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Compact designCompact design

Compact design

Because of constant heat transfer no over dimensioning is required.

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