Order for 3 Evaporator Plants

Shachi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Pune), our partner in India, has been granted the order for 3 new waste water treatment plants for the dye-making industry. The plants apply multi-stage evaporation of which the first and second stage will be configured with the self-cleaning technology of Klaren International. The design of the plant has been optimized for steam efficiency and to have a compact design. The order was granted after a successful project in which one of the existing evaporators of this client was revamped into the self-cleaning system and showed constant evaporation where previously fouling was an important issue.

Fluidized bed technology for carbon capture process

Klaren International has worked together with Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) to experimentally test the use of the fluidized bed heat exchanger technology as a part of SES’ innovative Cryogenic Carbon Capture process.

SES develops innovative solutions to sustainability problems within the energy industry. Their Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) technology eliminates most emissions from fossil fuels. This CCC technology is projected to cost half as much as alternatives.

Fouling Conference 2017, Madrid

In the week of June 12th to June 16th the 2017 Fouling Conference was held in Madrid. At the fouling conference, it was again confirmed that fouling is a big problem in industry. Both researchers and industry are working on methods to mitigate it. Marco van Beek, CTO of Klaren International, presented two papers with applications based on the self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger technology:

  1. Fluidized bed heat exchangers for the evaporation of waste waters: design advantages and operational experiences
  2. Horizontal shell side fluidized bed heat exchanger, design considerations and experiences from a pilot unit

The papers will be officially published after peer review by the technical committee Heat Exchanger and Fouling Conference 2017.

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ICCI 2017 | 23rd International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference in Istanbul (Turkey)

Klaren International attends the ICCI 2017 | 23rd International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference in Istanbul (Turkey)

From 3-5 May 2017 we attend together with our Turkish business partner Sistemas the ICCI 2017 | 23rd International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference in the Istanbul Expo Center (Turkey). We have a demo unit in the booth to show and explain the working principle of the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology. Please visit us. You can find us at booth D108.

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