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    About us

Klaren International is a technology and engineering company based in the Netherlands that develops self-cleaning heat exchangers for operation up to zero-fouling. We employ an international team of engineers and cooperate with a network of specialists. We design, engineer and commission the self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchangers. For the fabrication we collaborate with (local) manufacturing companies worldwide.


The self-cleaning heat exchanger technology has evolved since the 1970s. It was first used in thermal seawater desalination. With the upcoming RO technologies, the focus switched to other industries like pulp & paper, petrochemical, oil & gas and renewables. Approximately 80 units have been installed in that period by predecessor companies. In 2012 Klaren International was able to acquire the proprietary knowledge on the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology and continued the development of the technology and new projects.


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