Forced Circulation Evaporator Waste Water Stream

Forced Circulation Evaporator Waste Water Stream

Forced Circulation Evaporator Waste Water Stream

Fouling Issue / Frequency

The waste stream of an alcohol plant had to be concentrated by evaporation (to be used as feed for livestock), because the company foresaw that disposal will be forbidden by new legislation. Conventional heat exchanger are not  considered because the severe fouling liquid would cause a blockage in just a few hours.

Solution / Approach

Self-cleaning heat exchanger with external circulation, with a heat transfer surface of 85 m2.

Process ConditionsTubeShell

Waste Stream

Condensing Steam

Pressure0.29 bara

0.67 bara

TemperatureIn: 62oC
Out: 68oC
Condensing at 88oC
Flow177 m3/h

900 kg/h



Number of Tubes


Length of Tubes

6 m

Diameter Tubes

32 mm

Particle Type

Stainless Steel

Particle Size

2.5 mm


Almost 20 years of operation

Constant heat transfer coefficient

Decreased waste water production avoiding pollutant emissions to the see


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