Heater Zinc Phosphate Solution

Heater Zinc Phosphate Solution

Heater Zinc Phosphate Solution

IndustrySteel Coating Industry
Fouling Issue / Frequency

The heat exchanger is installed in a new plant. Based on experiences in the industry, with plate heat exchangers, fouling was expected. There is no data for this plant on fouling and the fouling frequency

Solution / Approach

A shell & tube heat exchanger with the self-cleaning configuration to heat up and keep a zinc phosphate bath at a constant temperature. In the zinc phosphate bath steel components are treated with zinc phosphate. The cleaning particles are separated in a gravity separator.

Process ConditionsTubeShell

Zinc Phosphate Solution

Hot Water

Pressure2.0 bara

2.0 bara

TemperatureIn: 70oC
Out: 71oC
In: 80oC
Out: 78oC
Flow60 m3/h30 m3/h



Number of Tubes


Length of Tubes

2.5 m

Diameter Tubes

33.4 mm

Particle Type

Ceramic Al2O3

Particle Size

3.0 mm


Since the installation, the self-cleaning configuration has kept the heat exchanger tubes clean